The Armasight Vega Gen 1+ Night Vision Goggles Review

The Armasight Vega Gen 1+ Night Vision Goggles ReviewArmasight Vega Gen 1+ night vision goggles review

When looking for a pair of night vision goggles, you probably realized that there are a lot of different kinds to choose from. We have tested many night vision devices over
the past twelve months and were lucky enough to get a chance with the Armasight Vega. In this Armasight Vega Gen 1+ night vision goggles review, we are going to tell you what we liked about this great night vision device.

The Armasight Vega Night Vision Goggles (Click here to check price on Amazon) are where affordability and efficiency meet. This cost effective night vision device was designed to help you excel while engaging in night activities such as night fishing, the paintball arena, night hunting, or any other nighttime tactical or outdoor activity, while enjoying a high-resolution image. This Armasight night vision device includes a secure head mount that allows the Armasight Vega to be positioned naturally over either eye, and the goggles can flip up when not in use. These night vision goggles create a high-resolution night vision image even in the darkest conditions. The Armasight Vega aided by the is highly preferred because of its included head mount. This hands-free operation makes it easier to focus on your task, rather than focussing on your goggles. This head mounted night vision device also features a built-in short range infrared illuminator. The Armasight was built with a sturdy, water resistant and fog resistant body that is held securely in place, with the aid of it’s professional-grade helmet mount that is included when you purchase this night vision device.

This is a generation 1 night vision device, but you can count on high-resolution images. The Armasight night vision goggles headset is fully adjustable and able to be positioned to your preference. We found these night vision goggles to be insanely efficient. They run just off one single 3v CR123 lithium battery. With a full charge you can expect these goggles to last up to around 58 hours (without IR illumination).

armasight night vision goggles

The Armasight Vega Gen 1+ Night Vision Goggles Features

    • Affordable and efficient night vision goggles
    • Compact and lightweight body(weighs just under half a pound)
    • Comes with fully adjustable head gear for hands-free use
    • High-resolution Generation 1+ image intensifier tube
    • Built-in short range infrared illuminator with flood lens
    • Goggles can be aligned with either eye or flipped up when not in use
    • Water and fog-resistant body
    • Multi-coated heavy glass optics for excellent optical performance
    • Tripod adaptable
    • Can run for up to 58 hours (without IR illumination) on a single (1) 3v CR123 lithium battery
    • Backed by the Armasight limited 2-year warranty

    Armasight Gen 1+ Specs


    • IIT Generation Gen1+
    • Resolution 30-40 lp/mm
    • Magnification 1x
    • Objective lens diameter 20.6 mm
    • Exit Pupil Diameter, mm 8
    • Eye Relief, mm 20
    • Lens System 35 mm; F/1.7
    • FOV 40°
    • Range of Focus 0.2 to infinity
    • Diopter Adjustment +4 to -4 dpt
    • Controls Digital
    • Infrared Illuminator Yes (buil-in flood lens)
    • IR Indicator Yes
    • Low Battery Indicator Yes
    • Power Supply 1x CR-123 Lithium 3V
    • Battery Life IR On up to 12; IR Off up to 58
    • Environmental Rating Weatherproof
    • Operating Temperature -30 to +45 °C
    • Storage Temperature -45 to +50 °C
    • Dimensions 147x 82 x 46 mm / 5.8 x 3.2 x 1.8 in
    • Weight 0.25 kg / 0.54 lbs
    • Warranty 2 Years

    Armasight Vega Gen 1+ Night Vision Goggles Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Can you mount the Armasight Vega Gen 1+ night vision goggles to a rifle

    A: Yes, if the rifle has rails.

    Q: Are they good for aiming down a scope?

    A: These night vision goggles are not recommended for shooting

    Q: Will this device also show the IR beam from a designator?

    A: Yes, any IR light will be visible.

    Armasight Vega Gen 1+ Night Vision Goggles In Action


Testing this night vision device was an absolute blast. It has many features that we liked, but that fact that it is both water and fog resistant. This is insanely helpful. We also felt that for the price these night vision goggles felt extremely durable and solid. If you found this Armasight Vega Gen 1+ night vision goggles review helpful, please take a moment to share this post. To compare the Armasight Vega Gen 1+ night vision goggles check out the top 12 night vision goggles reviews.